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We are Gentis and our passion is helping individuals and organizations find their mission, live their vision and achieve outstanding results.


Lat. gens, gentis(genitive singular of gens) clan, race, nation, people, “for people”

Our story

Gentis started as Dubravka’s dream come true, dream of founding a place and collecting associates who will help individuals seeking change, to achieve it at all costs. After more than 10 years of international experience in leading HR positions, she decided, although a native of Venezuela, to establish such a place in Croatia. She named it Gentis because people are in its focus.

Gentis is one of the first companies specialized in organizational and personal development, business education and consulting that were founded in this region. Over 20 years of success is the result of unique values, many years of experience and dedicated work of Gentis’ team, and has resulted in loyal customers in many industries including telecommunications, hotel industry, sales organizations, financial sector, manufacturing, FMCG and many others for whom Gentis is the first choice.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost



Our principles


We are holistically focused on achieving greater self-awareness, way of thinking and behaving. We act on visible, but also those internal drivers of long-term change. The key element of our approach is to help clients discover and transform their paradigms and beliefs in order to increase their influence around them.

Gentis approach

In the time of mass digitalization, we have decided to keep up with changes, but at the same time to remain authentic and true to ourselves and nurture an approach of accessibility, presence and being here and now for everyone. We can understand you because we have similar challenges ourselves. We are here for you, we listen and accept you because you, the people, are our passion, and working with you is not our job but our calling.

Journey as a goal

We believe there is no universal solution; it crystallizes for everyone along the way on our joint journey. We are not just another supplier but your partner, and we provide you with support on that journey. We open new perpectives for you, illuminate the path of transformation we have gone through ourselves and we always encourage you to take a step forward when you get stuck.


We believe that every person and every organization is different and special with its values and processes. Based on our belief and through many years of experience, we have learned to accept and respect these differences and draw inspiration from them for our own learning. Therefore, we approach each of you in a unique way to identify and adapt to your real needs.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to contribute to raising awareness in each of us with the goal of transforming the way we think and function. Our talent is recognizing and unleashing your full potential for improving your business and increasing the influence you have, both through the organization and personally.

Our values



Positive attitude


Continuous learning


Can Do Attitude

Our philosophy is based on the ability to find the best in people and to discover and develop their values. Our goal is to draw out the best in each employee, manager and leader, and thus in the organization, by developing people.

We work with organizations that are bold enough to question the way they function and strive for transformation.

Buzz about us


    "Gentisov angažman uvelike je pridonio razvoju Centra karijera Građevinskog fakulteta. Svakom našem projektu pristupali su profesionalno i posvećeno te su se u potpunosti prilagodili našim potrebama i baš iz tog razloga vjerujem da ćemo nastaviti uspješnu suradnju s Gentisom i u narednim projektima Centra karijera."

    - Lana Slavikonski, GRASP Centar Karijera


    "It is always a pleasure to work with Gentis on any of our projects. We always receive professional and prompt support. They are very flexible and always ready to help."

    - Regdon Adrienn, MOL


    "Gentis je pouzdan i efikasan poslovni partner koji je dokazao svoju dosljednost, temeljitost i fokus, izvrsnost te stručno znanje. S obzirom na raznovrsnost programa, trenera i i prije svega ne samo partnerski, već i prijateljski odnos, sigurni smo da kada se obratimo Gentisu, neći ćemo riješenje koje nam je najoptimalnije i najpotrebnije u datom trenutku."

    - Emina Sarač, RBA BiH


    "Kroz dugogodišnju suradnju s Gentisom, uvjerili smo se u njihov profesionalni pristup i iznimnu prilagodljivost specifičnim potrebama i zahtjevima koje smo imali. Iznimno smo zadovoljni suradnjom i stručnošću njihovih konzultanata. U svakom slučaju preporučujemo Gentis kao pouzdnog i vrijednog suradnika, s kojim planiramo raditi u budućnosti."

    - Blagica Petrović Šikić, Pliva HR

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